About Treatment Research Institute

TRI is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to translating research into improved policies and programs to address the devastating effects of substance abuse on families, schools, businesses, criminal justice and healthcare. By engineering research findings into solutions-oriented products and services, TRI demonstrates that “science can point the way” by putting research to work for treatment counselors, criminal justice officials, policy makers, and parents. TRI also educates policy makers, helping them advance quality programming within available budgets – through improved purchasing, standard-setting, and/or other government activities.

What employees say

“I feel the work that I do is important and makes a difference in the community. I feel the goal of all the work that TRI does is to improve the lives of others and make a difference in the community.”
“Working at TRI makes you feel like working with family, not to mention the outstanding work this company does.”
“Approachable, open minded, understanding, motivating individuals who create a positive work environment conducive to productivity. ”
“By keeping me informed and maintaining an open door policy that allows me to ask if I need help or, at the very least, given access to the resources necessary to find out myself. ”
“I feel that TRI has consistently gone above and beyond for their employees. Even during difficult economic times I feel that they have always tried to do the right things for their employees.”
Where to find Treatment Research Institute