About Dudnyk

Dudnyk is an independently owned, award-winning healthcare advertising agency with offices in Philadelphia and San Francisco. Our focus is to leverage strategic, scientific, and highly creative capabilities to serve our clients in the biotech, biopharma, and medical device industries. We work collaboratively with our specialty pharma clients to understand the forces, issues, and obstacles affecting their brands and then tailor communication initiatives to create behavioral change. Dudnyk provides fresh perspectives, creative thinking, and bold solutions for healthcare professionals.

In addition, the agency devises and creates solutions that take many forms: strategic planning, professional communications, sales promotion, scientific consulting, disease education, and life cycle management. Dudnyk has been responsible for the positioning, messaging, brand identity, and sales collateral materials for launches, new indications, and rebranding efforts.

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What employees say

“I look forward to coming to work. I enjoy what I do. I am left to do what I do without interference. I am appreciated. It does not feel like work. What more could one ask for?”
“I'm encouraged to learn and take on challenges that put me outside of my comfort zone. ”
“They are passionate about the employees and our clients.”
Where to find Dudnyk