About Don Rosen Imports

Don Rosen Imports is a group of Porsche and Audi dealerships located outside of Philadelphia, PA. Don Rosen Imports dealerships include Don Rosen Imports Porsche of Conshohocken, PA; Princeton Porsche of Lawrenceville, NJ; Audi Conshohocken of Conshohocken, PA and Audi Wynnewood of Wynnewood, PA. In addition to vehicle sales, Don Rosen Imports is a full-service vehicle repair facility and parts supplier with over $1 million in inventory. Customers can find their nearest Don Rosen Imports location by calling 1-888-283-4463 or by visiting donrosenimports.com.

What employees say

“I am surrounded by some of the best people I have ever met in my life.”
“I feel appreciated, and the management here is knowledgeable and helpful. There's ample training so I feel like I'm always on top, and I feel like I'm given all the tools I need to succeed.”
“Keeps the employees motivated and rewards us for our efforts.”
“They make sure we are given every opportunity to succeed.”
“My management, salary and coworkers.”
“I feel honored to have made Sales Manager within two years of working here. It shows me that they have faith in me.”
“My manager works with me and other department managers every day to be the best we can and to help our staff grow.”
Where to find Don Rosen Imports