About us

Top Workplaces was set up by the folks at Energage back in 2006. The whole program is based on one simple belief:

“The most successful companies are the ones that employees believe in.”
The Top Workplaces Team

This isn’t about free lunches, or trips to Las Vegas. It’s really about whether employees feel inspired, and are given the room to do great things.

We set out to prove this, and to recognize the very best organizations through Top Workplaces lists. We hoped that by championing good practice, we could encourage more companies to work better.

1 in 100

The response has been overwhelming. 5 years on, over 4,000 organizations now participate in the program each year. We partner with 30 of the most prestigious publications in the country. And over a million people complete our employee survey each year to tell us about their company.

We think we’re at the start of something really big: finding a way that business can better serve the needs of employees, customers, investors and society. We hope you’ll join us on our journey.
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What we do

The Top Workplaces program recognizes good employers on 30 regional lists and one national list. The evaluations for the list are based purely on employee opinions, which we gather through the tried and tested Energage employee survey.

We compile Top Workplaces lists based on employee’s opinions of their employers. Our regional publishing partners produce special sections profiling the winners.

Who’s behind it?

The Top Workplaces program is run by Energage of Exton, PA. We focus exclusively on providing employee surveys to organizations and helping them improve their “Organizational Health”.
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